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We are experts in the Energy Sector for the development of basic and detailed engineering in terrestrial and marine oil installations, specialized studies, technical assistance in construction, procurement, testing and start-up as well as supervision during the different stages of the project.
About us
We are a leading company in the development of engineering, supervision, consulting in petroleum industry projects. Our field of expertise includes terrestrial and offshore pipeline projects, land-based collection and transportation of hydrocarbons and all their related infrastructure. Marine platforms of: compression, link, housing, drilling, production, compression and pumping stations and other industrial facilities.
VISIÓN INTEGRAL GENERADORA DE EMPRESAS NACIONALES, S.A. DE C.V., is a mexican company created in 1996, formally initiating its operations to serve mainly projects in the oil field.

Our experience includes activities related to the development of engineering, consulting services and technical assistance during the phases of engineering, procurement, construction, testing and startups of land or marine oil installations.

We offer services that combine qualified personnel and technological innovation in order to exceed the expectations of our clients.


We develop comprehensive basic and detail engineering services and have extensive experience in land and offshore installation projects (“onshore” and “offshore”) that offer services for:

Analysis and Design of submarine conduction lines, includes: pipe crossings, ascending duct design, underwater interconnections and deck platforms.

Analysis and Design of fixed marine platforms (piles, substructure, superstructure), such as the tetrapods and octapods that recover wells located in the Sonda de Campeche; Parametric studies and basic and detailed engineering for drilling, production, compression, housing, link and repumping platforms.

Dust jacket installations on drilling, production, compression and link platforms.
Design of tripods and bridge intercommunication between platforms.
Design of modules and packages for any type of service: compression, dehydration, housing, etc.
Structural review services, which include the evaluation of the structural integrity of existing platforms, both in its entirety and in some part of its parts, due to: impacts, assignment of equipment and / or modification of its original service conditions. Likewise, the assessment of damages in ascending pipelines and / or underwater pipelines is included.
Land lines for the collection and transport of hydrocarbons, includes field surveys, topographic studies, analysis of the behavior of lines in difficult soils, design of special works, etc.
Compression and pumping stations, separation batteries, refining, petrochemical, chemical and auxiliary services plants as well as modules (packages), oil storage and distribution infrastructure.

The basic and detailed engineering that is carried out, covers from the development of the design bases to the integration of the project book and the contest package (work volumes) for the following indicated disciplines:

Process engineering.
Environmental engineering.
Electronic modeling.
Piping engineering.
Stress analysis and transport line.
Industrial safety engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.
Electric engineering.
Telecommunications engineering.
Civil Engineering.
Instrumentation engineering.
Automation and control.
Corrosion engineering.


  • Administration and control of equipment supply.
  • Technical evaluation of proposals and prequalifications.
  • Follow-up of activation-inspection reports.
  • Control of visits and expediting reports.
  • Transportation and logistics surveillance.
  • Testimony to FAT and SAT tests.
  • Cross-checking of documents from suppliers and subcontractors.



  • Elaboration of proposals for bidding processes in the oil industry.


  • Analysis of the scope of the service reason for the contract.
  • Analysis of legal and contractual aspects.
  • Identification of excluded reaches.
  • Operational scheme of the contract (administrative, programming, control of the project, control of changes and review of compliance).


  • We have a list of companies specialized in assembly of equipment, in the manufacture of specialized equipment, in assembly of fluid transport lines, in assembly within the plant and through acquired rights of way, this with certification from the Mexican Accreditation Entity.
  • We have specialists in the design, selection and assembly of control equipment and measurement of liquid and gaseous fluids for transfer of custody.
  • We also have alliances of analyzer equipment manufacturers.


These services are carried out in the stages of: project justification, coordination, planning and programming, cost control, supervision, inspection and selection of suppliers. Likewise, it includes: start-up and operation of plants, evaluation and feasibility of projects and updating and capturing technologies. We have experts certified by the National College of Chemical Engineers and Chemists, A.C. (CONIQQ) in this specialty.


Supervision is carried out under an integral scheme applying control processes focused on the fulfillment of the objectives according to the type and activities of the contract to be supervised, in order to achieve its timely completion.

It is worth mentioning our participation in partnership with Jacobs Engineering and Uhde Jacobs (at present Uhde México) for almost three and a half years for the supervision services in the GEP6 project for the reconfiguration of the Refinery General Lázaro Cárdenas de Pemex-Refinación in Minatitlán, Ver., Which contributed to the anticipated completion of the construction of the corresponding facilities, being a very particular case not achieved by any of the other related GEPs, obtaining the recognition of that agency for the quality and opportunity of the service provided.


  • Specialized advice.
  • Preparation of technical opinion of facilities.
  • Project justification.
  • Solution alternatives to specific problem.
  • Technical – economic studies.
  • Technical assistance.


    • Analysis of structures, equipment and components for the identification and verification of analytical models.
    • Analysis, assimilation and application of technology for the design on marine platforms.
    • Analysis of flexibility and efforts in pipe systems.
    • Development of Studies of:
      – Coordination of electrical protections.
      – Short circuit.
      – Classification of dangerous areas.
      – Team selection.
    • Detailed engineering of plants and industrial facilities, as well as design of pipe and equipment arrangements using 3D tools.
    • Inspection and maintenance services for storage vessels and pipes as well as instrumentation and control systems.
Proyectos relevantes
en el sector energético

Ingeniería de diseño de la plataforma de compresión Alta Litoral-A (C-Litoral-A) y compresión baja litoral- A (CB-Litoral-A) incluye puentes y trípodes para quemador y puente de enlace con la plataforma PB-Litoral-T a instalarse en la zona de Campeche Golfo de México.

Gerencia de proyecto integral de reconfiguración de la refinería Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas ubicada en Minatitlán, Veracruz (GEP 6) plantas de alquilación, las cuales comprenden cada una la sección de hidrogenación selectiva (Huels) y la alquilación (HF alkylation).

Ingeniería básica y de detalle para la plataforma de generación eléctrica PG–ZAAP–C.
Ingeniería para la plataforma de producción PB KU A2.
Ingeniería básica y de detalle para la plataforma habitacional HA–LT–01 y HA-RE-01.
Asistencia técnica para Ingeniería de detalle (PTAR) Atotonilco.
Servicios de asistencia técnica en la revisión, supervisión, verificación y aprobación de documentos y entregables de la ingeniería básica y de detalle relacionados a la planta solidificadora de azufre de la terminal de almacenamiento y distribución en Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.
Ingeniería y servicios especializados de análisis e investigación, dictámenes, estudios técnicos y/o económicos, apoyo técnico de las diferentes obras para los Activos Integrales Cinco Presidentes, Bellota–Jujo, Muspac, GTDH R.S., Macuspana, Samaria–Luna y GTDH M.N.E. de Pemex–Exploración y Producción.
Servicio de ingeniería básica y de detalle para la construcción de la batería de separación terra.
Desarrollo de la ingeniería de detalle previa a la procura para la actualización tecnológica de los sistemas de control de la TDGL en cactus.

Más Proyectos

  • Ingeniería de Ducto de 36”0 x 77 Km de la Plataforma de Enlace Litoral a la Terminal Marítima Dos Bocas (Línea 5), a instalarse en el Golfo de México.
  • Desarrollo de tecnologías alternas para el endulzamiento del Gas Amargo y Conversión de los Gases Resultantes en Productos de Alto Valor Agregado.
  • Servicios de Ingeniería para la Procura, construcción, pruebas, carga y amarre, de una plataforma de perforación PP–Maloob–C del Campo Maloob, en la Sonda de Campeche, Golfo de México.
  • Diseño, Procura y Adecuaciones al Complejo Akal–C , Akal–J, Akal–N Plataformas Satélites Asociadas. Región Marina Noreste, Sonda de Campeche.
  • Protección Costera a base de Arrecifes Artificiales para la Macropera de los Pozos Tizón 222 y 221 del Activo Samaria–Luna de la Región Sur.
  • Adecuación y Optimización de la Batería de Separación existente en Ku–A.
  • Desarrollo de la Ingeniería para Oleogasoducto de 24” Ø x 4.8 km de longitud de Ku–M a Ku–A.
  • Gasoducto de 24” Ø x 11 km de Nohoch-A al Gasoducto de 24” Ø del Anillo de B.N. a Ku–A.
  • Desarrollo de la Ingeniería para 3 Puentes y 2 Trípodes para la Plataforma de Compresión del Campo Ku.
  • Desarrollo de la Ingeniería de Detalle, Suministro, Instalación, Configuración y Puesta en Operación del Sistema de Paro de Emergencia de las Instalaciones de Producción del Activo Ku–Maloob–Zaap.
  • Oleogasoducto de 24” Ø x 26.0 km de Costero–1 hacia Complejo de Producción.
  • Plataforma de Perforación tipo Tetrápodo Sinan–201, TB, TC,
    Bolontiku–1 y Kax–TA.
  • “Gasoducto de 30″ Ø x 21 km Ixtal-A a Abkatum-A (IXM-307) en el Campo Litoral Tabasco, Sonda de Campeche, Golfo de México”. (OT 03)
  • “Oleogasoducto de 20″ Ø x 22 km Alux-1a a Enlace (AYI-305) en el Campo Litoral Tabasco, Sonda de Campeche, Golfo de México”. (OT 04)
  • Desarrollo de la ingeniería básica de detalle y bases técnicas de licitación para la construcción de “oleogasoducto de 24” x 27Km. Aproximadamente, desde el cabezal chinchorro 1 hasta la Batería Cárdenas Norte.
  • Revisión de ingeniería de los documentos relacionados a los diversos equipos para la construcción del poliducto Golfo centro en sus diferentes etapas.
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